Printing A Photo On Acrylic Skin

Photo of a bicycle printed on fiber paste medium acrylic skin

I liked the idea of printing a photograph on a substrate other than photo paper.  So I printed this image of a bicycle on acrylic ‘skin’ using Golden Acrylic Fiber Paste Medium and my Epson printer.

To create the ‘skin’ I taped a letter-sized Ziploc plastic bag using blue artist tape to my kitchen counter. With a palette knife I spread some of the fiber paste (a thin layer) onto the Ziploc plastic bag. I let it dry for twenty-four hours.

After the fiber paste(skin) was completely dried, I prepared it for the printer with a coating of Golden White (Matte) Digital Ground. I gently removed the ‘skin’ from the Ziploc bag once dried.

I placed the ‘skin’ onto a letter sized copy paper (to act as a carrier). Taped the four corners of the ‘skin’ and printed my Photoshop image.

Once the printed ‘skin’ was dried I coated the image with Golden Semi Gloss Gel Topcoat Medium to protect from fading over time.



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