A Beautiful Sunrise

As an early riser I am really fortunate to see and photograph the occasional beautiful sunrise. I become almost child-like when I see a sunrise or sunset. On the N train approaching 39th Avenue in Astoria, Queens, I noticed a couple of the commercial buildings with a reddish glow from the rising sun. It was absolutely beautiful.


(TIME 6:34AM) – The sky looked as if it were on fire – photographed from the 36th Avenue train station platform.

Sunrise Over Astoria(TIME 6:49AM) – One of the few times I was in a rush to get to work. – From the conference room on the fourth floor I was able to get this shot.
Sunrise Over Astoria (TIME 7:05AM) – I was in awe of the color changes. There are moments when words and pictures cannot do justice to the beauty that is nature.

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