A Photographer At The Laundromat


Going to the Laundromat recently was both a lesson is making due as well as an impromptu photoshoot. My usual Laundromat was under renovation so I went to another.

When I arrived at the Laundromat it looked like a throw back to yesteryear. No fancy looking sleek machines with card slots that are more common today. Instead the machines were older and almost worn out. Most of the directional knobs were broken and had cardboard papers tucked between them indicating temperature. Broken machines displayed sticky notes with the word “NO” in their window.

To get one of the laundry machines going – quarters were inserted by aligning and shoving the slots back and forth, followed by three seconds of silence then a loud thundering sound indicating the beginning of the first wash cycle. Then watched the laundry machines rapidly vibrate for about two minutes before the entire wash cycle ended. The dryers were so colorful that after I was thru folding my clothes I sat on one of the empty soda crates that doubled as seats and snapped photos.


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