Hand Coloring An Old Photograph

Hand color photograph of my mother and her brother

I am finally getting back into my creative groove. Recently while looking through a few photographs, I came across this black and white photograph of my mother and her brother taken in a photography studio in the early 60s. I remembered how much I loved this photograph from the very first time I saw it as a child, seeing my mother as a teenager and my uncle as a toddler gave both my brothers and I a good laugh.

While the photograph held up well over the years, I performed a few nip and tuck to restore it. I decided to hand color it because of my love of old hand color photographs.

I used Faber Castell polychromos pencils and kept the colors light and to a minimum. I knew my mother loved blue so I figured she would have worn that shade of blue. Being the older sister she more than likely dressed her brother as well for the photo shoot.

For the most part I left the skin tone untouched but added a shade of brown only where the studio lights hit their skin.

I plan on hand-coloring more of my family old black and white photographs in the near future.

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