How I Got Over My Photography Fear

Red -Dahlia-Print-how-i-got-over-my-photography-fear-blogger-photographer-photography-i-heart-photos-debbie-eschoe
Red Dahlia Print on the Rotatrim M24

Getting over the photography fear and phobia was one of the hardest things for me to overcome. I remembered the paralyzing self-doubts that lived permanently in my mind. Not thinking my work was good enough and other negative thoughts regarding my photographs.

Eventually I began the baby step process of putting out my work on social media sites like Flickr. The responses to my photographs were positive but the fear lingered.

Then a few months ago I purchased a Rotatrim cutter which remained unopened for the longest time. I walked by it daily keenly aware of its presence as well the cost. This cat and mouse game played only by me went on for weeks until one day I had enough.

After giving myself the YOLO speech and actually meaning it, I marched into the kitchen, picked up the box and rested it on the counter. Grabbed a pair of scissors and proceeded to open it. Carefully removed the trimmer, and placed it on the table.

I stared at the 16lb cutter and smiled, thankfully there was nothing to assemble so the next logical step was to use it. With white cotton gloves on, I gently handled the edges of a 13×19 print and carefully rested it on the cutter.

In one swift cut the job was done and I realized there was nothing to it, I had been making a big deal about nothing – I wrongly assumed the cutter would be some elaborate thing for me to put together and I was terrified, much the same way I feared putting my work out. I conjured up negative thoughts and doubts without trying and eventually realized that the action is never as bad as the fear!


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