How To Choose Fine Art Digital Photo Papers

Fine Art Papers

All photo papers are not created equally – that applies to fine art digital photo papers as well.

The initially process of buying fine art digital photo papers can seem overwhelming, however through careful research, time and money will not be wasted.

As a general rule, letter sized ‘sample packs’ are available for purchase when trying to choose suitable fine art digital photo papers. They are also great for test runs on inkjet printers.

While there are many fine art digital photo papers on the market only a select few are really worth mentioning – HahnemühleMuseo and Moab.

All three are premium archival fine art digital photo papers with downloadable ICC profiles available on their websites. – For long term paper care, gloves, protective spray and varnish are recommended.

Hahnemühle’s textured fine art digital photo papers such as William Turner and Albrecht Dürer are ideal for hand-coloring and watercolor images.

I recommend Museo’s, Textured Rag for digitally painted images. I am a big fan of the Artist Cards which I use as mailers.

Moab has a wide range of fine arts digital photo papers to choose from. A couple standouts are the Colorado Satine Fibre papers – best suited for saturated color images. I printed a few black and white images on the Slickrock Metallic Pearl and Silver papers and they looked fantastic. The Moenkopi Washi Unryu papers are very delicate and extremely pricey but worth the try.

Choosing the correct fine art digital photo paper is crucial when it comes to the final output.

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