Photography – An Expensive Passion

Canon Lens
Canon Wide-Angle Lens

As I sat in a small cramped office filled with portfolios, I had one thought – photography is such an expensive passion. A few weeks earlier I searched online for a reputable photography portfolio company and came across one located in Midtown.

After a brief phone conversation with the manager, I was in the tiny office space looking at various photography portfolios that would suit my fine art needs. A few caught my eye in terms of style and simplicity.

I knew that a custom-made photography portfolio would be costly, but I had no idea that it would amount to a month’s rent!

It was there in the office I started counting the cost of the photography equipments I purchased within the past year. Canon lens, Epson printer,  fine arts digital photo papers, the Rotatrim paper cutter to name a few.

My absolute passion in life is PHOTOGRAPHY but there are days I wish my passion were not so expensive!

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