Photography And The Powerball

PowerBall Lottery Tickets - Mixed Media
‘PowerBall Lottery Tickets’ – 9x12in – Canvas Mixed Media Work

Like everyone in North America I was caught up in the record-breaking powerball lottery mania. The images of instant riches blinded me and I saw only green. I was  so convinced I would be the chosen winner, I put off paying a few of my monthly bills in order to play a couple dollars worth of powerball lottery numbers.

I ignored the naysayers and television commentators who screamed through the television that I had a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning all six numbers of the powerball. What do they know? I said to myself. This is my year. And so I went to bed with a confident feeling that when I woke the next morning I would be a billionaire/millionaire(I live in New York City and they require a huge portion of the powerball winnings).

But three separate winners from Florida, California and Tennessee ended my dreams of early retirement and brought me back to reality.

I stared at THOSE non winning powerball numbers – What to do? – Then I decided to do what any artist in my position would do – Write an article and photograph my once hopeful but now useless powerball tickets and call it ART!


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