Setting Up A Photography Ecommerce Website

Debbie Photos Website

Setting up a photography ecommerce website was much more than I bargained for. When I originally set out to turn Debbie Photos into a functioning ecommerce website I initially thought it would take about two weeks. Little did I know that two weeks would turn in about three months of round the clock work.

My first mission was to find an ecommerce theme that would be a perfect fit for my photography needs. After a weeklong search I settled on an ecommerce theme. Then I started what was the hardest part of this journey, learning every aspect of ecommerce, from adding products, getting the site verified, knowing the correct sized images(for the products), setting up taxes and shipping rates as well as payment options and procedures. I had to understand it all.

There were times during the course of the three months that I wanted to give up and simply pay someone to do my website but that would involve spending additional money and entrusting someone with my work and vision. That was simply not an option so I hunkered down and got to work on my site.

In the end, I was happy to set up and finally launch my ecommerce photography website.


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